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A New Adventure Begins

By September 22, 2016Artist Blog

You may notice that I pulled my Etsy store from online. This is only temporary, however I am bringing my store back on the website first. The artwork that I do builds up fast because I paint every morning, so online is not the only venue that I have them for sale. I had a bit of a busy streak, while continuing to paint, some paintings became damaged in transport, others haven’t made it in to inventory, where as others gone are still in it.. other words.. its a mess. The little guy hit a rough patch at the end of summer and when that happens I grind everything to a halt and focus on his health.

His kidney disease catches up to him in the hot weather and he has to spend too much time inside. For his fourth birthday he got a 3D printer because my little smart-i-pants can navigate a computer better than most adults. The world is already printing with skin cells. In fact, my son’s kidney’s that don’t work so well? They’re printing those out too.  I am very quickly becoming an advocate for the importance of our kids being part of this new technology young, if not for the imaginations alone. For the last months of summer we have been inside recuperating and learning how to use his new 3d printer. Boy what an adventure it has been. Most people using these things kind of know what they’re doing. They build them, understand the mechanics and software. Me? no freekin clue. I thought I could plug it in, hit print.. go. HA. I have a history of being a nerd. I did websites in the 90’s when it was only code, sell-proclaimed photoshop guru, and can rebuild airbrushes and tattoo machines with my eyes closed, however 3D printers are totally new to me. I never once tried to wrap my head around an X,Y,Z axis since geometry in high school. Math has never been “my thing.” Now I wish I paid better attention.

Hudson was in Tinkercad for 5 minutes and he designed his “caterpillar bug with a smile like me” and I was still trying to figure out how to move shapes up and down. I would overthink, he would just do it. Amazed. Turns out his use of his computer and video games like Minecraft pretty much installed this 3D concept into his head with little effort. “Mom, that’s a cube not a square.” I stand corrected.


Getting started took a bit of research and then I had to go off and research what the answer to my question actually meant because initially some of this stuff just went right over my head. Once we got printing, we haven’t stopped.We have printed numerous designs created by other designers sharing their work for free on thingiverse.com. We have been documenting our journey on Instagram. We have designed our own projects using tinkercad.com which will soon be available for free online to download and print. There will also be new merchandise available such as pocket stencil packs and other drawing and painting tools. Hudson will have his own section where you can purchase his own items he designed and contribute to his college fund.


I am still accepting custom orders with Etsy offline, and if there is something you were looking for in the meantime that was for sale please feel free to contact me to see if it is available, items in stock do ship within 1-2 business days. Check back for more step by step art tutorials and 3D printing updates 🙂



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