Hot pockets. Apple Pies. Empanadas. I use these molds with pie crust, masa flour, and pizza dough.

If you have a 3d Printer, this item is  is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – No Derivatives license, and is available for free download here.

If you do not have a 3D printer, and you have been on the hunt for this item like I was, you can order your own 3D print from my shop here.


How to use this mold:

Lightly spray with oil Part 1/Mold 1, or for better support underneath, lay a piece of saran wrap over it.  Roll out the dough flat until it is twice the size of the mold and make sure the dough sits into the mold when laying over it.

Fill with your filling, not too much over the top of the mold.

Roll another piece flat and cut out with part 2/mold2 and lay on top. Fork the edges. Cut the excess. Flip upside down to drop it out.

The cookie cutter side of this mold has several of its own uses too. I cut out perfect rectangles of dough to wrap hot dogs perfectly. Rolled thin pasta dough can be cut and then folded in half to make large square raviolis, or you can make your own poptarts.