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Nugget Cutter

By October 8, 20163D Print, Artist Blog


SHAPE is EVERYTHING to the mind of a four year old. If it is not shaped like a nugget, to him it is not a nugget. I have looked for this cutter in stores for some time and can’t find it. You can get a four year old to eat anything if it is shaped like a nugget. So excited after printing a couple of these out, they work great, but this cutter will not cut directly through meat. I use this cutter when mimicking processed foods with the process below.



This nugget cutter works best like this:
-cook and season your chicken then puree it
-get the extra liquid out by squeezing if need be
-in a baking dish press it flat until its all 3/4 inch thick and even
-Freeze – not until its solid but sturdy
-cut them out with your new cookie cutter
– bread – bake or fry.

I flash fry them to seal in the breading, then I flash freeze them (freezing un-covered for an hr on a cookie sheet), before bagging and freezing for easy reheat in the toaster oven later.

I have also done variations of the recipe using this same process by lightly freezing the mixture, such as mashed potatoes and carrots, spinach kale and beef. There are so many ways to use this cutter, especially for Moms with young kids trying to hide that nutrition.

Chicken Nugget Cookie Cutter byMeaganandHudson is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial license and is available for free download and print here on Thingiverse.com to those with a 3D Printer.

Been looking for this item but do not have access to 3D printing? You can order your own copy of this item in my store here.


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