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Customized Name Stamper

By November 8, 20163D Print, Artist Blog


This idea came to me when I was going through a box of junk from when I was a kid throwing stuff out and I saw this ugly monster I made out of clay. I had tried so hard to put my name in the bottom but it wasn’t easy and I remembered how it felt trying to do it as a kid, frustrating. Few print attempts later I figured out how to do it.


I opened up Photoshop and created a new document. Then selected the text tool and wrote in black on a white background, the name I was working on, made by etc. I chose a bold font so the printer wouldn’t struggle with it. I add arch’s because straight is boring to me. Once I am happy with the way it looks, I then flip the entire canvas horizontally and save as .jpg. The letters need to be backward on the stamp to print forward in the playdoh. This is what you call my vector image.


I went to online-convert.com  and converted the .jpg to a .svg file and then imported it into photoshop, 4mm high, size 10% but that all depends on your own file, mine was 600px X 600px.  I then make two circles, 1mm high, 60 x 60mm. I get a custom shape handle available in the community Tinkercad shapes and center align it to one circle. I arrange the backwards text in the middle, on top of the second circle. I print them separately as this. This is the best way to get the letters legible without needing support material. After they were done printing, I took a razor blade and cut a couple”X” across each of the bottoms of the circles. Not a deep focused cut, but enough to help the superglue grab and lock the two pieces together.


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