1. Microgreen grower with drainage: This file is available for download on Cults3d.com for $1.00
    • growing container
    • water tray
    • darkness lid for germination
  2. Grocery Grower no drainage
    • water tray
    • small hole regrow lid (onions, garlic…)
    • large hole regrow lid (lettuce, celery…)
Keep cutting greens and watch them quickly regrow.

These are two different containers in the same shape and size so that they fit together, easily in the fridge or on a window sill.

Hexagon Microgreen planters were a design that came about out of necessity. The lid for the sprouting period aids with maintaining pressure and darkness for strong straight microgreen growth. This lid fits in the water tray underneath the planter once sprouting has started and there is drainage in the bottom to prevent root rot from developing. The blunt top of the container acts as a guide for a knife or scissors at harvest.

The Grocery grower is the same shape and size without drainage holes in the bottom so that it can be filled with water. There is a tray to go underneath in case of leakage. There are two lids, one with 7 smaller holes and another with one larger hole. This lid is to regrow produce that begins to sprout, and the other to keep larger produce fresh longer.