Welcome to 2021 and here at Waterside Workshop things have been switching gears.  In the last couple years my posting has been quiet as I added another child to our family and we purchased our home at an auction, but that does not mean the projects have stopped. In fact I have piles of notebooks that I kept of maker notes filled with resources and diagrams, so many more random blogs, or maker logs as I prefer to call them, to come. I also have to note that in the process of getting ready to launch a new WooCommerce store, I had to change the way I had my website structured so some things are still a little wonky as I get everything into a new home.

Over the last couple years I closed my Etsy shop and started selling more locally at venues and galleries.  Now as the dust settles from covid which made that really difficult to do, I’ll be bringing back our online store with all kinds of different one of a kind pieces, but, no more Etsy for us.


A little insight as to how I work over here. I am set up to work with all kinds of mediums. When I get an idea I roll with it. I will make a couple different yet similar versions of the project on hand and then the extras go up for sale. My ideas are my own, or a spin off of something that inspired me but once these items are gone, they’re gone. I typically “get the idea out of my system” and then I am over it and move on to a new one. So if you see something you like, I’d recommend grabbing it while you still can… wink. There are a few exceptions to this, as some things for example lithophanes, are custom order pieces. Custom orders can be placed at any time and ready to be shipped or delivered within a week.

Aside from items themselves, I am always available for seamstress work, machine servicing and 3d Printing assistance. I will rebuild airbrushes, spray guns, tattoo machines and will gladly accept any machines that may be sitting around that you don’t know what to do with. 

Things that are staying the same for 2021: I will continue to offer inventory to local venues at wholesale price with an order minimum  or I offer the option of paying a 25% commission to the venue off each sale.

Looking to the future, maker logs will be more of a how I did/do this rather than instructional and will be related to whatever project we have going on. Have a great summer everyone, thanks for checking in.