About Meagan M.

My earliest childhood memories are of drawing and painting. I have lived in Connecticut my entire life. Most of my work has been inspired by the places I have been around New England with my children, or the people and their lifestyles that surround me. 

I play piano and ukulele and love to sew and make things. Overall I just love to work with my hands so I am constantly working on all kinds of projects on my own or in collaboration with others.

I went to college for art history and graphic design. I then attended Baran Institute for a professional degree in Autobody Custom painting. I was fascinated by the science behind the chemical reactions that make up different types of paint and finishing products. This passion lead me to certifications in martin senour paints and SEM products. It was at this time that I toured for airbrushing and discovered a love for tattooing.

I apprenticed for hundreds of hours for tattooing and worked as a tattooist for about ten years when I abruptly left the industry after a personal tragedy. The work I did was fulfilling and I loved it very much but I wanted to be at home so I could be the one to raise my children.

I started collecting wood and power tools and began painting and creating pieces that took all my years of experience, and my favorite parts of each craft and smooshed them into one. The result was satisfying. My studio is in now in my home and it is not uncommon for me to paint with my baby on my lap while my son works on his own projects next to me. I get to be mom, and an artist, while I pass on the love of art that was passed on to me.